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2019 Expansion

2019 has been a busy year already! We have increased our rehabilitation assistants with some speed, almost doubling our current employees! A huge welcome to our new team members, Ava, Alysha, Alice, Darnell, Tia, Martha, Gary, Michela, Naml and Jess.

The team came together last week to complete some mandatory training, with the newer members of staff receiving our Brain Injury and Cognitive Rehabilitation induction training.

All of our current staff are now inducted in to our new systems and procedures. 2019 will see us introducing a number of new policies, all of which are designed to streamline our systems, allowing for further transparency and ease for clients and commissioners. Our new timesheet system is proving extremely popular and user friendly, enabling us to monitor and safeguard both clients and staff at all times.

We look forward to our next team briefing with news of our upcoming expansion projects!

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