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Cognitive remediation therapy aims to improve cognitive function by practicing relevant cognitive tasks that can help strengthen connections between neurons and reestablish firing patterns that were once there but were lost due to disease or injury. 

Cognitive therapy exercises engage and train various brain regions necessary for everyday functioning. Domains of cognitive function that can be improved with cognitive therapy include executive functions, domains of memory and processing including verbal, visual, auditory, and spatial systems, attention, and processing speed.

To date, there has not been enough research to show an indisputable efficacy of Computerized Cognitive Remediation as a solo intervention. More work is being done by researchers around the globe testing such platforms including HappyNeuron Pro, which we use as part of our services..

Despite this, there is much evidence demonstrating the efficacy of cognitive remediation therapy and use of digital platforms during the therapeutic process.

HappyNeuron Pro is part of the BIS Services “toolkit” in conjunction with our bespoke client rehabilitation plans. Our platform can compliment what is being done during rehabilitation sessions and allows the client to remain engaged, see progress, and focus on areas of concern. Each program is personalised by our Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist to focus on the clients own skills and challenges. We check in daily with progress and adjust the program as required to increase engagement and development.

What makes therapy effective aside from practice alone is bridging – where the client takes what is being practiced in therapy and applies what they have done inside their home to a real-world situation. This transfer is what we do daily in our work with clients.

We cannot emphasize the importance of bridging enough. This is what makes any program successful. If the client does not reflect and see how what they practice on the platform carries over into their everyday life, then all the time spent is futile. We create time and space to educate clients and their families about how the program transfers to daily life.

Coupled with our use of cognitive evaluations we can offer a wide range of data to support out functional outcomes.

We are delighted to be able to offer these Digital platforms as part of our ongoing client packages or as a stand alone service.

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