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As specialised providers of cognitive rehabilitation and support services in the community, our aim is to maximise function in our clients who are living with a brain injury or neurological illness. Working within a multi and inter disciplinary team, we can improve outcomes and enable our clients and their families to manage the effects of brain injury effectively.

Our interventions enable reintegration into the community, work or vocational environment and promote independence in activities of daily living.

Specialised assistants provide education and compensatory strategies for clients and their families. All staff have obtained at least an undergraduate degree in Psychology. We are proud to be raising the standards in Brain Injury support provision, being led by Certified Brain Injury Specialists.

Goal setting and attainment is key to our input and is a collaborative process with the client, their families and treating therapists.

We work closely with case managers, solicitors, and therapists to ensure dovetailing and a co-ordinated approach to your treatment and support programmes.


The support we provide to individuals includes:

  • community cognitive rehabilitation programs¬†visit page
  • strategies to cope with memory loss, attentional deficits, executive functioning problems
  • brain injury education
  • strategy training
  • developing and maintaining family and personal relationships
  • timetable and planning development implementation
  • budget planning and support with finances
  • menu planning and shopping
  • meal preparation
  • confidence building and positive reinforcement
  • goal setting and strategy management
  • assistance with planning social and leisure activities
  • health promotion and access to GP/dentist
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • support with further education
  • establishing and maintaining community links
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