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Enhancing the journey from acute settings to home, The Link offers a specialised, versatile accommodation for one person with round-the-clock support. Our all-inclusive facility allows for seamless transitions. With a focus on demonstrating necessity and strategic implementation, while empowering clients to gain confidence and achieve their goals, our client-centered, intensive independent living program is available for 12-week stays. Throughout this period, support is tailored and gradually reduced, ensuring utmost safety and promoting positive outcomes using our TRA method.

We call our method the “Triphasic Reinforcement Approach” (TRA). This name encapsulates the three-phased structure of our program and signifies the reinforcement of cognitive rehabilitation strategies. This approach is designed to gradually enhance the self-sufficiency of our clients, moving them from intensive support to independent problem-solving and self-awareness. Each phase builds upon the achievements of the previous one, in a concerted effort to promote cognitive rehabilitation and gain functional skills. The Triphasic Reinforcement Approach underpins our commitment to helping individuals with brain injuries live independently and confidently, by progressively equipping them with the skills they need to lead fulfilling lives.

Our dedicated team of experienced rehabilitation assistants offers 24/7 observation and support for skill development, behaviour patterns, motivation, and initiative. We prioritise the safety and security of our clients, their families, and their teams, providing a comprehensive package of support alongside other professionals involved in their care. We also provide specialised Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy services as part of our program.

Through our strong connections with the local community in Kent, we offer opportunities for vocational placements and enrollment in educational settings for further education courses. Our holistic services include mindfulness therapy, hypnotherapy, art and music, specialized personal training, massage services, horticultural activities, and more, all tailored to the client’s personal interests and goals. Trust us to provide the support and guidance your clients need on their rehabilitation journey.

To view our marketing material click here or for costings please call 01622 584456 or email our dedicated coordinator Cam McIntosh. 

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